Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Friday The 30th!: Tons of guests added!

This will turn out to be better than the 25th Anniversary convention at Necrocomicon! Some of the most notable guests (for me, at least) are:

Part I:
Harry Crosby (Bill)- it's his first ever convention and this guy really is known to be elusive in the autograph trading community!

Part II:
Steve Miner (director)- Steve has been known to shun these movies that he directed (Part II and III, AD on Part I) and his presence will be worthwhile, I am sure.
Bill Randolph (Jeff)- Another elusive guy in the autograph trading and collecting circle.

Part V:
Melanie Kinnamon (Pam)- Let's face it, she's one of the hottest Friday chicks and has never attended a convention before.
Dominick Bracia (Joey)- Last run-in I had with him he was a dick, he's never done a convention either.
Tiffany Helm (Violet)- The dream girl of my youth is finally making a convention appearance!

Check out the rest of the guests!

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