Thursday, September 10, 2009

Horror movie review Thursday: Living Dead Girl (1982)

Catherine Valmont -played by the beautiful Fransoise Blanchard- is brought back to life via a chemical spillage. She develops a strange and unrelenting craving for blood and returns to her childhood home where she meets up with her (pun intended) blood sister -played by Maria Pierro. Catherine Valmont then uses her friend as bait to lure unsuspecting victims to feast on their blood.

While not the best "zombie" film ever made, it is a great film. Some really nice deaths and cannibalism, both very welcomed in this film. Francoise Blanchard does a great job in this film, unfortunately it's completely subtitled so the atmosphere sort of lacks because of it. The setting is great, and the two main characters are beautiful, what else can you ask for? Full frontal nudity? Yep, it has that too as well as some really good deaths and everything else we have come to expect in the 1980 horror movie genre.

Again, since this is a French film, it is subtitled. The movie played great with them. here wasn't a lot of dialogue to begin with, and when there was there wasn't much going on in the scene to distract you from it. It is definitely one of the few subtitled movies that I can watch with ease and not really miss anything important. Sadly, at times the movie also played alot like a dramatic serious movie, which slowed it down in a few scenes. Other than that, there wasn't much bad in this movie at all.

This is a movie where you can actually relate and root for the murderous zombie. It wasn't the typical zombie film, and I feel a bit weary classifying it as such. The corpses did not come back as zombies after she consumed their flesh, and she did not look dead at all. I do like this movie a lot, but it's not a movie you can watch with friends with a bowl of popcorn, I find myself watching it late at night or when I am bored at work. The cast did a great job in this, and it is truly a great movie. I do suggest finding the uncut/unrated version, the version that seems to be the easiest to find is really cut to pieces.

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