Wednesday, July 29, 2009

F13 Blog: Detective work finds the 'A New Beginning' filming location!

So, a kind dude named John Robert Dixon told me very vague directions of the shooting area of A New Beginning and with some sweet detective work and Google Earth, I think Germaniac of the F13-Community found it! Check it out... this is basically the first time this area has been seen by fans. There's a pic of the main house as well as the barn and an aerial shot.

My apologies to Germaniac for initially flubbing and crediting someone else for this superb detective work!


  1. Ahem, Jasonsfury posted article on but he also mentions that I foundthem (since you are also following the google-earth thread on f13thcommunity i am a bit surprised that you forgot about the original guy who found it). It´s not a big deal, but I wated to mention it.
    But sure deserve your share of fame as well since you gave the vague directions.
    Those google-earth screencaps are also mine; you can see the german on the pic like "Fotomodus beenden". (But since it´s google everyone can share it)).
    I uploaded the photos (as well as a satellite-shot from 1989, a wider-shot with the power-lines you can see in a short moment in the movie) here:

  2. Hey guys. After reading my post on the site, I may not have been the clearest I could have been on who did what. Amyways, together you two helped make a great discovery. Congratulations!

  3. It was my bad, I was not wearing my glasses and skimmed through the words that I could not make out! Haha, it's all cool, all my fault.