Friday, April 24, 2009

H2, HD trailer!

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  1. Meh, turned out to be full star better I'd say, but still a pretty shit film.

    Rob Zombie is a fine director, but I never fully cought onto his writing. The same with Eli Roth. I don't mind the first Hostel, go figure, but I cannot make it through the second or so time I tried to sit through the Xenophobic Part II of Hostel or the badly overrated Cabin Fever, ect.

    I still own the film on Blu Ray though, go figure. Part of my Asperger's Syndorme is collecting escapeist entertainment such as Giallo & Slasher films. And yeah it is also kinda an OCD thing. I hear they might re-vamp the Shape franchise in a few more years. They need to, but they REALLY need to leave Myers bacstory alone & concentrate on better dialogue, feeling some sympathy for at least half of the characters/victims and not having too much bad editing & shaky camera work & laughable endings such as the theatrical cut of RZ's HII, ect. I neve chuckled SO much with a multiplex paying audience before in my whole life I swear to Christ.

    I'd a out of all of the big genre remakes starting backi the early 2000s I still really like the Dawn of the Dead redux, mainly since I was never too into the first one and prefered Day BY FAR (I'm not kidding here) and I'd give Zach Synder's film a solid B+. Its not too threatening to me as I'm quite jaded now in my '30s but it is well written, doesn't cheap screenplay wise too much & is consistantly entertaing and has characters that for the most part I wanted to talk to & not to ee harmed on screen, ect.