Thursday, March 5, 2009

Crappy reviews Thursday: Shredder (2003)

Years ago a mother and a daughter was accidentally killed by snowboarders on Rocky Summit while skiing. Since then the Rocky Summit ski lodge has been shut down and abandon. Murders start up every now and then when an un-suspecting snow boarder tries to ride the mountain. The town’s people ignore the murders and further avoid the mountain. In present day a group a teen snowboarders head to the area, led by a championship snowboarder and his girlfriend who’s father just bought the lodge. The teens plan on a fun filled week of snowboarding and partying. When their friends go missing one by one they suspect local tag-along Kristoff, but suspicion soon turns to the townspeople when Kristoff, himself, falls victim to the killer.

The first time I watched this movie I liked it. I am not sure, I think I was just deprived of sleep on a sugar buzz. The blood in the opening scene is great, other scenes have some great blood. The setting was nice, but not at all unique. The killer was not suspected, and it is a nice ‘whodunit’ mystery. The characters were somewhat annoying and hard to relate to. The dialogue was severely lacking, and the acting was at most ‘alright’. The CGI in the movie was completely obvious. More blood would have made this movie at least tolerable on a once-a-year watch list. I can say that the first time I watched this, it was a fun watch.

All in all, this is a typical 2000’s slasher film chock-full of every slasher stereotype and cliché from the slutty blonde to the dumb deputy. The acting is what you would expect from this genre. The directing is alright, but the writing is horrid. The characters are severely lacking and like I said before are quite annoying. I found myself hoping and praying that they die off in very painful fashion.
The extras on the DVD were nothing but extended/cut scenes, which one, would have made the film a lot better. A nice close shot of a badly cut leg that looked quite real and was really bloody.

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