Thursday, February 19, 2009

Crappy reviews Thursday: Terror At Tenkiller (1986)

After a fight with an estranged boyfriend, Leslie and Jana take off on vacation and strange things start to happen at their remote cabin. Soon corpses begin turning up near the lake. One by one friends start to disappear, but the horror of these murders does not fully dawn on the heroine until she comes across the dead body of Jana. Is the killer Jana's psycho boyfriend? If it the weird handyman? Or is it somebody else?

Movies like this really bring back the old style of horror movie making. The atmosphere, location, formula and the overall feel of the movie. The location was a somewhat remote cabin on a river, and unfortunately, that was about the only positive things about the movie. The movie's direction was slow, vague and some scenes simply dragged on for eons. After watching this movie twice, I came up with a pretty lengthy list of things I really disliked in the movie. I will only list the things that I felt others may agree with. First off, the movie was boring-- very hard to concentrate on. The kills were not only cheap, but not very well thought up, or executed. The kills were very few, and more importantly, I felt that the movie needed more key characters. The movie really lacked suspense, the killer was not only introduced unmasked, but no explanation on his killing spree was ever mentioned. Lastly, the writing was really bad. The directing was not much better. This movie could have been so much better if care was taken, and someone with at least a small vision worked behind the friggen camera.

Some movies can get away with a killer unmasked, or in the light for the entire movie. When your movie revolves around the fact that somebody else could be doing the killing (in this movie, the estranged boyfriend), you can't have that. It takes away from any suspense the movie could have had. Sadly, the movie had a lot of potential red herrings that could have been introduced. As for the director, and the director of photography, the movie was flat. In a location like this, how can you not take advantage of great shots? It really seems that the crew was not only inexperienced, but very underskilled. I hated the movie, I thought it was probably one of the worst woods/camp/lake/vacation slashers I have ever seen. The movie was a test to sit through (twice), and I would not suggest it, even to the biggest backwoods slasher fans.

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