Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Friday The 13th kids!

So, I think a lot of us old school fans will appreciate the new movie. Yeah, it is completely modernized with the typical modern slasher film elements, but it gave Jason a new persona which I say is very reminiscent of how Ted White played Jason with the swiftness of Pluto in The Hills Have Eyes remake. In fact, I think Derek Mears' Jason was very Pluto-esque at times. The story itself, well it was again very typical and in a way bland. It seemed like scenes where we focused on the cast sort of drug on. I really won't spoil this too much, but Mears did an excellent job- much better than Kirzinger or Hodder in my opinion. At times I was thinking "man, Jason does NOT do that!" and had to kick myself in the leg because no body want's to be a "Kane". Seriously, it's not the best Friday movie, not by far, but it will end up right in the middle for me.

The overall look and feel of the movie, for me at least, felt like Freddy Vs Jason- it just had a crisp, on-stage CG look which I loathe at some parts. It was fairly obvious that a lot of it was shot ona stage or at least with a CG background. Definitely not Daniel Pearl's finest cinematography job and at the same time far from Nispel's best directing job. To me the film, aside from the adult content seems to be more aimed toward 12 year old fan boys than the old school Friday The 13th loving adults such as myself. I'd personally give this movie a C- ranking, and give Jason himself a C+. The movie lacked that classic Friday The 13th feel, but then again pretty much every movie after Part V did.

Overall, I'd rank the Friday The 13th movies like this:
Part III
Part II
Part I
Part IV
Part V
Part VI
Friday The 13th 2009
Part VII
Jason Goes To Hell
Jason Takes Manhattan
Jason X
Freddy Vs Jason


  1. I liked it. It didn't knock me off my seat or anything, but it was okay. Jason was back, and kickin' ass. Somethings were a bit hokey, like the ending, but I have seen hokier bits in other movies. All in all, I was happy to see Jason back on the big screen.

  2. I enjoyed the reboot as well. I would have preferred the movie to take place in the 80s and while camp was in session, but oh well -- we can't have our cake AND eat it, too...