Sunday, February 8, 2009

Check out the Tom DeSimone interview on Retro Slashers Blog!

Great director of a fantastic movie (amongst others) called Hell Night and brother of Bob DeSimone, who us Friday The 13th fans know as Billy in Friday The 13th Part V!

“It was always my goal, even as a child, to make movies. I started making 8mm films when I was ten and continued on all through high school. Mostly using friends, family and table-top models for my projects. It was always my intention, if I would be so lucky, to go to California and work in films. After getting my Masters in Motion Picture Production at UCLA I worked at various companies making educational films and shorts. Mostly as an editor. My first real mainstream movie was Chatterbox. I had an old story outline for an X-rated comedy called Lips. A producer saw it, liked it and we joined forces and it became Chatterbox. American International did the theatrical releases.”
Check out the rest- it's a great interview!

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