Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Update on Lar Park Lincoln's cancer fight.

Have you heard those rumors that "Lar has cancer?"

Well yes they are true.Early October I got the dreaded Breast cancer call-not really a call more like a moan..... Darn it.. I have such great boobs!! I'm the only actress in the world left with real boobs,what a terrific claim to fame!! I have a rare form called Lobular- a version that is about 1 in 10 and doesn't show up on mammograms! Go figure! At least they have named it after me ,lobuLAR-lol
And it's not a gene type that my daughter can get - so blessings there.

Anyway I had all the usual events go into place, 10 interesting hospital visits so far,ultrasound,core biopsies,MRI,pet scan,surgery for nodes (CLEAR-yeah)and a port inserted for icky stuff. I was scheduled for a double mastectomy last Monday but got strep and bronchitis so we decided to try and shrink the tumors first.They are large tumors ,as I don't do anything on a small scale!I had a boob party recently and we had a great girls night to celebrate life not hysteria and told surgery stories,wore pink and and visited and had a boob ,I mean a ball!I will start chemo either tomorrow or next day and we will do 3 rounds and see if we can shrink the tumors.

-Here's the plan- tumors shrink,finish chemo then have the surgery.Tumors don't shrink after 3 chemo rounds-have the surgery earlier,finish chemo.

I wish Lar a full recovery, and it seems like she is fighting it well. She has been keeping a blog for us all to keep up on her fight! One thing that I can say, Lar gave Jason a ass beating- this cancer doesn't have a chance!

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  1. Lar is my favorite Friday the 13th actress she is really gorgeous and beautiful and i wish her a full recovery. (i have faith in her and i believe she will pull through and defeat this battle against breast cancer