Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fan film review: The Return Of Jason

Part 2 of the film

I'd like to first start out by pointing out the freaking awesome camera work in this fan film. That's the one thing that really sticks out and sets this fan film apart from most. Team that up with the really well done special effects and gore and you'd think we'd have a really solid and memorable fan film, and in a way we do... but... then comes Jason. Jason in this film looks like a cross between Michael Myers and fuck, I don't know Skeletor?

The outfit is just hilariously bad and the mask is one of the foam ones you'd get in Spencer's Gifts. Steve Cafaro and Joe Begos are the ones who stand out the most in the production of this fan film- special effects and writer/director respectively, they do professional caliber work.

The story in itself is typical, and probably the only storyline that would work in an 8 minute film. We get a truck load of teens in the woods and they die. Notice that there aren't any females in this flick, which is sort of typical for geeky fan films. The acting is... well... marginal at best. There are some really good night shots in the film, something that a lot of fan films lack or just do poorly due to bad lighting. All in all the fan film's production is pretty high up, the acting is fan film quality and the special effects are bloody good. Another complaint that I have with their Jason is that it seems like everyone who makes a fan film tries to imitate Kane Hodder's Jason- heavy breathing, twitchy movements, quick head turns, etc. I think it's annoying, especially with the breathing. That's one thing that I hated about Kane Hodder's Jason- dead tings don't need to gasp for air!

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