Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fan film review: Jason Nemesis

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Unfortunately amidst all of these fan films you are bound to get ones that just aren't that good. Jason:Nemesis is one of those and really seems more like a badly throw together film. At times the movie has a very good flow, and good camera work and then at times it was like they just set up a video camera on a tripod and ad-libbed without cuts. I won't say that director Shane Drury is bad, but this movie was not at all directed well, however, still, it is just a fan film.

The film is simple- a bunch of guys hunt for Jason in the woods around Crystal Lake. The dialog is really non-existent and consists more of "I will get you Jason!" drivel. The camera work is abysmal, and the post-production filter used on the film does nothing for it, and with all of the greenery from the trees everything just gets lost in it. Jason himself, is a skinny Part 7 clone with a cheap, crappy mask... tsk, tsk.

The kills are, man, horribly contrived. They are not at all convincing and way too many pauses during kills. At one point a Jason victim turns around and waits for a spear into the back. It was just silly to me and could not get into this. The film itself is almost an hour and really could have easily been cut down to 20 minutes because of all of the pointless dialog.

In the end it's a solid fan film, but comparing it to even shot on video indie films it wouldn't even stand together with CAMP Motion Pictures calibre movies.

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