Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Drive-In Massacre review.

Drive In Massacre
70 minutes
Directed by Stu Segall
Written by George 'Buck' Flower, John F. Goff & Stu Segall.

For years the Drive-in movie had been the stable social engagement of American kids with cars, with nothing better to do than make out whilst watching the late night double feature. Fortunately the Drive-in is about to become one of the most brutal massacres in history. This time, however, it`s happening in the car park and on the silver screen at the same time. A psycho is running around with a samurai sword so you better watch who your necking or you might loose your head!

What I really loved ab
out this movie is that it had some really gruesome deaths, a nice, easy and unconfused plot-- typical slasher film. The film introduced a few suspects, and even a plot twist, which was pretty easy to guess. A couple pretty awesome kills, and the run time was a mere 70 minutes. The movie started out with a bang with an awesome decapitation death, chock-full of blood and gore!

Unfortunately with movies of this calibre, the acting was pretty bad, camera work sub-par, dialogue lacked, which made it pretty typical for the genre. The movie played more like a cop drama at times with some cheesy Get Smart type humor which really did not work with this movie. The sub-plot of the girl and her father being introduced to be a likely killer was nice, it worked well and was a very ominous scene.

Regardless of bad this film really was, and how much people seem to hate it, I really liked it. It did have bad acting, bad camera and bad writing, but it was a nice and solid slasher. It was released in 1976 and I think they did pretty will with the gore for that time. The deaths in the opening scene were the best and by far the bloodiest, but all of the rest still delivered. George "Buck" Flower co-wrote this movie and starred in an uncredited role, which brought a smile to my face. I think it is a must own for any fan of the slasher movie, and really, if you hate the movie it's only 70 minutes long (uncut) so, why not check it out? It has pretty much everything you'd want in one of these popcorn gore flicks!

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