Thursday, October 30, 2014

More Friday the 13th: Part IV Filming Locations!

You can see the car drive past this building on the corner of Franklin Canyon &
 Lake Drive. The house can be seen through the back window of the car.

I posted before on the Zaca Lake scenes filming location here, which is quite a ways away from the filming area where the driving/road scenes with the teens, and the lake kills were done. This area is in the area which is actually Beverly Hills, though quite a ways from the area commonly shown as Beverly Hills. 

It's a protected area in the Santa Monica Mountains called Franklin Canyon. The lake is actually Upper Franklin Canyon Reservoir, also called Myers Lake.

Here's a close-up of the building that can be seen out the back window. It also makes an appearance in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare.

This is right before the building, in the general area the car passes in the film.

Finding exact spots is close to impossible since a lot of the barriers on the sides of the roads have changes, been extended, removed, updated, and so on. This part was one of the few parts where the barrier was on the right, towards the thick brush – as seen in the scene where they stop by the little graveyard.

You can see a fork in the road in the distance.
This was taken at that fork in the photo above this one.
Another impossible-to-find area, but this was pretty much the only stretch of road where there are no barriers, with winds. If it was shot down this road, it was up further a bit next to the hills.

The raft scene was shot in the reservoir. In the film when Paul and Samantha swim to the raft, the cliff of the west side of the reservoir can be seen. The reservoir has been in many movies and TV shows, but is best known for being the lake in the opening credits of the Andy Griffith Show. The true name of the lake is Myers Lake; so we have Jason Voorhees here, parts of Freddy's Dead was shot in the location, and the lake is Myers Lake. Not bad.

Check out the post on the Zaca Lake location.


  1. JasonHarrisonNicholsOctober 31, 2014 at 9:23 AM

    So TFC was basicaly shot in Mayberry? :D

  2. I live close to this area (Studio City) and go here all the time. I never thought that it was connected to the films! Next time I go out there I will have to look a lot more close at the area.