Thursday, July 31, 2014

What's good for the goose...

I am not trying to beat a dead horse here, because quite frankly the whole Gillette vs. Dash confrontation of a decade ago is a tired, stupid situation. At one time I sided with Steve Dash – and still feel his complaints back then had merit – but at the same time, I also see a lot of other genre actors signing photos that may not depict them. Like, I have seen C.J. Graham sign photos of Dan Bradley, Tony Moran sign photos of other people who played Michael Myers in Halloween, and so on.

The above photo is one that I found where Steve Dash signed a photo of Jerry Wallace, who we all know played Jason Voorhees in a grip of scenes in Friday the 13th: Part II. This is indeed Wallace in this photo, as he was left-handed and without a doubt filmed this scene.

So, I better not hear Dash complain about anyone signing his photos anymore. Then agin, he announced his retirement from the industry - now Gillette can come out of hiding and start doing conventions again! 


  1. to each their own. I still feel over all that the whole "Blood & Guts" forum debates were over blown. I more or less sided with Mr. Dash even if we all know Jerry Wallace from Kent, CT did the impaling sequence which ripped off Bay of Blood and also Ms. Lutter the costume designer had to be in the open sequence as they hadn't signed on the lead Jason actor yet.

    But I'll give him the most credit since it is all him filmed at the end save for the whole swinging in for the final coda-shock sequence & also he is a much cooler cat then many other stuntmen/genre boogy men villians I've spoken with online ;-)

    I DO agree that many need to stop complaining, including the actors themselves. Checking online Gillette is a just plain weird-o shady guy from the YouTube videos that I found of him online though, sorry...

  2. Actually, that picture of Jason signed by Dash is none other than Carl Fullerton. The entire double impalement/Vickies death sequence was filmed shortly after Gillette's firing, so in desperation, they had Carl perform both the insert shots of his hands and mask for both those scenes. There's a pic floating around with Fullerton wearing the costume while applying makeup to Kober with Randolph's dummy on top of her. Wallace did all Jason's boot shot's in the forrest while Lutter did the prologue.

    1. I am aware of Fullerton's participation as Jason - I have that photo on this blog somewhere. Thanks for clearing it up, it makes sense that it would be him. I was told that Wallace did kills too? I spoke to Ellen Lutter and she only did the walking scene, not the kill of Alice. I always assumed Wallace did it. But whoever killed Alice had a bruised thumbnail and as lefthanded.... the person who killed Vickie had a bruised thumbnail and was lefthanded... so it was Fullerton who did that one too.

    2. No prob. Just to be clear, you meant whoever did Vickie's kill scene was left handed, as Alice's death scene was done with the right hand.

  3. I saw the video of Gillete answering questions at the convention. Not a good public speaker. Sounded like a 10 year old. Cmon dude, you played Jason!!! That's an honor man.