Friday, July 11, 2014

Cathy LaBelle: Miss Florida 1977; Runner up Miss America 1978

We all recognize that face – it's none other than Friday The 13th: Part III star, Catherine Parks! Before she was involved in show business, she was Miss Tampa in 1976, Miss Florida in 1977, and then third runner-up in the 1978 Miss America pageant.

She went on to show business and had a short career in show business, and still acts. She performed in the Miss America pageant and turned a lot of heads. Naturally, she pursued singing as a career – as you can see in the above flier.


  1. My all time favourite Friday gal. She should have been the final girl in part 3. Beautiful.

  2. @Anonymous, but she was a b*tch in Part III!

    1. Don't see how she was a bitch, she wasn't attracted to Shelly and let him down gently. Unless you think she should sleep with anyone who asks her out. I thought she was nice and lets say Melissa in part 7 would'nt have beeen so nice to Shelly, now theres a friday "bitch".

  3. She wasn't a bitch, she was just bummed that she was stuck with Shelly!

  4. HisNameWasBrandon here. And yeah this is too cool, these two pics. TRULY! Even nicer then the obscure ones I have of her as the bit parts in the short lived mid-season Zorro! 1983 replacement series from my birth year. Too cool that she used to sing as well too. I am a fan of her's and never knew that. Found her Tales from the Darkside episode on YouTube earlier in the year as well.

    I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for the ladies in Part 3-D from 1982. For starters that and Part 2 and The Final Chapter are roughly my favorite installments. Also I love the kills in her, her's being one that I sued as an answer on the old (aka: horror digital .com now) to win three of the old Deluxe Edition DVDs before the superior blu ray set that we all got came out.

    I've also always loved her because she is the least obnoxious character in Part 3-D and I have a soft spot for the dolled up east coast Latina that she was portraying (I'm a catholic too and I have a preference for Latina women, just to note). All of the ladies of Part 3 were hot/lookers, though. ; -)