Thursday, March 21, 2013

Part III's Cheri Maugans in Archie Bunker's Place

One of Maugan's few roles was a recurring character of a cocktail waitress named Molly in the All in the Family spinoff Archie Bunker's Place in 1980 - 1981. Her roles were mainly as a background "extra" with no speaking roles.


  1. She is actually pretty cute!

  2. HisNameWasBrandonMarch 21, 2013 at 1:06 PM

    Heh heh, and as of lat I've been listening on YouTube to the politially incorret Opie & Anthony bits on The Nixon tapes and on one'em Nixon basially "reviewed" All in The Family, the original Arhie Bunker show before the spin-off, so thi artiale had me oddly smilin'.

    Anyway I tease Jack liking for Ms. Maugan, but my good friend knows that I love & repet'em and its all in good fun. :) She looks more attractive here in these shots without the older style deartment store electric curlers in hr hair, of course & not made up to look older then she was. I still feel that Catherine Parks & the actress that played Chili and Dana Kimmell are the hotter of the already insanely hot Part 3-D chicks though, followed by the female cast of The Final Chapter.

    I feel those two installments had the hottest femmes in te franchise, best over all. :)

  3. Yeah I have 2 say she was really good lookin in the 80's

  4. I've always thought she was oddly attractive. And here I thought I was alone in that lol. Cheers fellas.

    1. Yeah, she looks like an old friend of mine who I had a crush on. So, yeah, me too. :)

  5. I used to love this show lmfao

  6. lol @ archies face haha

  7. HisNameWasBrandonMarch 25, 2013 at 6:25 PM

    "Yeah, she looks like an old friend of mine who I had a crush on"

    Hey Jack, since I know that you're a huge Part 3D mark like me, I used to leave half a block down from tthis great very sociable & kind Dana Kimell look-a-like in midle school. Her hair was a bit more cropped but she was like a haunting 80% looking like her in the face though her hair wa a bit more cropped and of course it was the flannel-clad '90s so we all dressed acoringly.

    I knew of her & we were ort of friends and I was at her house. Looking back I REALLY wished that I had the guts to ask her out, ya know? Especially before I moved away from Jackson, Tennessee. She was smokin' to me.