Monday, February 18, 2013

Tom Morga the Stunt Double

Morga was uncredited in the film
Tom Morga as Leonard Nemoy's (Spock) Stunt Double
Morga was uncredited in this movie
Tom Morga (left) as Harold Ramos' (Egon) Stunt Double
Tom Morga is a still active stuntman and stunt coordinator working in big feature films. He has doubled for many stars and has worked on all of the Star Trek series doing stunts and the occasional cameo.

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  1. Yeah I new this about him from the past interviews as well as the old Friday the 13th main site photos section. I was always amazed by how much he looked like Herold Ramis in that well known shot, ya know? :) I used to be MUCH more into Part V as a younger lad, though, and now it is more of a guilty pleasure & I'm often times surprised tht I didn't figure out that Roy Burns was the imposter Jason much more as a young lad. Its not a very subtle film at all, but that is part of its screwball, quirky & eccentric charm. ;-)

    Anyway I waited until the weekend was over to find more Camilla & Carey More photos and yeah, I found'em saved. I'll e-mail you in a bit. Just got busy myself these last two days. :D