Monday, February 25, 2013

Mark Nelson in My Name is Asher Lev

Mark Nelson on Theater Talk
Oddly enough, Mark Nelson really did not pursue Hollywood movies after his role in Friday the 13th (1980). Nelson did go on to be a very well known theater actor on the East coast. Below are some videos related to his role in My Name is Asher Lev (2012) as well as a publicity photo of Mark.

Mark Nelson's interview starts at 16:45

My Name is Asher Lev trailer

Publicity shot of Mark Nelson


  1. good to see him workin'
    i thought he was out of acting!

  2. Very cool. I liked his story in the CLMs book about a fan not too long before the book was published meeting him in Times Square in NYC. It was very cool.

    I respect he for doing what he wants to do & just enjoying acting. It is MUCH harder to do to stay in charatcer & to wear costuming that isn't normally street clothing or dress clothing as many know, as I tried it both in high school and junior high too and that was just lite weight shit/stuff. And year theatre stage work stuff on our two coastlines & our other major cities is still rather hard. Moreso then mot people think.

    Very cool to see the pics & interview. PEACE! And welcome to Torey, the new poster. ;-)

    1. I know many theater actors now and they all say that it is FAR harder than working on TV shows, commercials, etc. On video there is multiple takes and theater there is no room for error. It's much harder, but the fame isn't there which is sad.

    2. My mother did theater in the 80's and she said the same thing and said that the pressure was so intense that shed have a panik attack!!

  3. FULLY agree'd.

    I've watched "bad dinner theatre" both in Orlando, Florida with family eating our bad desserts & meals and also in the greater Vegas area too and I also have repect for them.

    You nailed it beautifully, once again. In theatre you also sometimes have multiple fairly accurate costume changes & make-up applications/touch-ups too as well as dealing with theatrical sized props that you must handle on top of the multiple pages of dialogue PLUS on top of that, and here is somethin' you accidentally missed my good man, yhey also have a minor threat of being replaced by an Under-Study as well, too.

    Yeah not many people even know about them but like stuntmen & stuntwomen in the film & television industry I have MUCH respect for coastline based (Branson, Missouri too) theatre actors. And yeah there is very little room for error. I saw an off-broadway production when I was much younger in the late '90s of Little Shop of Horrors, and I thought that it was SO awesome, I gotta tell ya. :) Just as much high energy as the fine Frank Oz directed film verion from '86.

  4. Is Marc Jewish do you know?

  5. Real quick Thor:

    Well ethnically he could be. I'm not sure why it would be really important to know his ethnicity & his Faith so to speak, but respect is respect and I suppose he looks a bit Jewish even if his surname isn't(I believe it is mostly Scottish-American like me or Scotch-Irish).And in the first 1980 release Friday the 13th he played a guy named Ned Rubenstein so I dunno. Maybe. *shrugs playfully*

    1. I agree, Brandon, but I am sure he wasn't meaning it negatively.

      I hope not, because I don't tolerate hate.

  6. Oh its all cool Jack my good man. :) I'm like you: I also do not tolerate hate & I've even broke off online friendships & such when people have used harsh language such as the N-Word around me (a guy from Rome, Italy that I used to speak with on YouTube back when I had an account there). Using that epathet is DEAD-WRONG & just plain uncalled for.

    And yeah I'm sure he meant it respectfully. :) Don't think I overreacted, heh heh. Its all cool, bro. I just thought that it was a bit irrelevant, but I can see where he was comin' from. *winks*

    For instant I DO wanna go see the new OZ: The Great & Powerful movie at the movies, but I've told Julie my sister in law that has both German & Native blood in her that it is kinda fucked up. I mean yes, slightly off topic as a youth I LOVED the four OZ books form author Frank L. Baum that I read peronally (especially Ozma of Oz) and I own the first smeinal Hollywood classic on Blu Ray and I feel that Return to Oz is an underrated film on its release year for fantasy of children & such.

    HOWEVER, like you Jack I refuse to live in general ignorance. I realize that on this playfully bickering North American melting pot continent, which is a thing of beauty and I am happy to be Anglo-Celtic, a dude mostly of Scottish descent. But its based on a Frank L. Baum story and he was a hardcore, pig-ignorant biggot about Natives here in North America, saying the most Godawful & fucked-up things about tribes. His English language entry even leaves out some stuff/shit. Its not funny; he was a self-educated, above-average intelligent man in inventing stories and investing in film projects back in yee ole' days in many regards I will give him that, BUT he was also a shit-heel, pig ignorant hateful biggot. History & his death/passing & his hardwork printed on paper & online do not change that one iota. So I will not forget that as I watch & try to enjoy the new (hopefully not as super-shitty as Spider-Man 3) film based on his works.

  7. One minor quickie correction: I made mention that both trailers in high def looked phenomenal and much better then the super-shit Spider-Man 3 because it is a new Sam Raimi film.

    I'm not even a big Raimi fan to be quite honest but the film does look quite impressive. But yeah the whole Frak L. Baum thing shall be in the back of my head. I really wish that I never learned the awful truth that he was a hardcore ignorant racist years ago--it really hampered his work & what all was inspired from it in my eyes a lot.