Friday, January 18, 2013

Part III's Paul Kratka and Tracie Savage Reunite in The Bone Garden (2013) as Norman and Alice Hardy

Director Mike Gutridge and Tracie Savage
from: The Bone Garden
Here's a neat little film in post-production starring some Friday the 13th familiars. The plot sounds really entertaining and the trailer also looks pretty good. The movie was written and directed by Mike Gutridge and  stars Tracie Savage as Alice Hardy, Paul Kratka as Norman Hardy and Ron Millkie as Detective Meeker. The story takes place in Carpenter County, an obvious nod to John Carpenter and also a nearby-place spoken about in Friday the 13th: Part VI.

From the macabre mind of Writer/Director Mike Gutridge comes “The Bone Garden,” the twisted tale of one Alice Hardy, an attractive middle aged woman who has it all: a successful husband, a beautiful Victorian house, and a best friend named Laurie, a hot-ticket divorcee with whom Alice shares many crazy adventures.

Alice is a bit of an eccentric, spending time tending her garden and cornfield near the lovely home she shares with hubby Norman, an esteemed history professor at the local college. But beneath this seemingly idyllic lifestyle lies a sense of sadness, as Alice suspects Norman of cheating on her with numerous college coeds.

New neighbors move into the house next door, and they are always fighting. Police show up and ask Alice about a missing college coed! What to do? Students, townies, and hunks begin disappearing at an alarming rate. Why is this sleepy little college town going crazy? Authorities launch a no holds barred investigation complete with detectives, local police, and crime dogs. A body is found in the nearby lake. Do Alice, Laurie and Norman, know more than they are letting on?

Gutridge grabs his audience by the throat and doesn’t let go, taking them for a non stop thrill ride of plot twists and turns, with horrific and surprising results beyond bloody imagination!
I definitely will be checking this out. Tracie Savage sells it for me and as much as people shit on Paul Kratka's leading-male performance in Friday the 13th: Part III, he is a damn good actor as can be seen in a slew of Scott Goldberg films that he's done in the past years.

The film also seems to be a nice throwback slasher film. Go to the site at and check it out.

Director Mike Gutridge and Paul Kratka
from: The Bone Garden
The Bone Garden (2013) trailer

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  1. Once again VERY cool Jack my good man.

    For those of us with limited time on the web, save for some Skype & e-mail through out mst weeks & to check out's "you may alo like..." lists, you sure do save us old school Friday the 13th (the Paramount Pictures distributed years, that is) from boredom & to truly serve us well at your convience. :)

    I'm a fuckin' HUGE Part 3-D (1982) mark and I woudn't mind ordering thi if Amazon or third party sellers ever pick it up for distribution. I dig the writer/directors old school slasher fanatic t-shirt. That is one cool trailer. A lot of these writer/director names seem familure over the years even if I've never seen any of their work.

    But very cool, none the less! Paul Kratka is indeed A FINE actor. He just started out with some pedestrian direction & coming off of Soap work, which as I understand is the pits. Mean while I feel that Tracie Savage has aged VERY gracefully (I love the Part 3-D female cast, as you already rithghtfully know and I aso love The Final Chapter gals roughly just as much, too). And Ron Millkie is forever cool in my book. :)

    Sure, the added via re-writes Cop from Part 1 is rather lae but hey, he did what he was supposed to do reading of the lines wise & I liked his interview from the Crystal Lake Memories book, being totally cool about his role, ect.