Monday, November 30, 2009

The dirsctor you'd like to see lensing a Friday The 13th film?

That's the subject of the new poll- which seems to be a pretty highly debated subject. I think we all have people in mind to do so, on the poll I listed a handful of people who I think could do a good job.

Tom Savini: I doubt that Tom would ever consider it, and has more than expressed his hatred for the "killer Jason" character, but Tom did such a great job with the Night Of The Living Dead remake and seems to know how to create tension and atmosphere.

Dante Tomaselli: Dante may not be the best director out there and certainly lacks a lot of resources to do a fitting film, but I think Dante would make a dark, bitter, atmospheric Friday The 13th film.

Alexandre Aja: Let's face it, this guy started out with a bang (High Tension) and seemed to be type-casted into a bad remake director. I think Alexandre still has some really nasty, gritty films left in him. I think that he could really do the franchise justice and bring it back to the nastiness that Ted White gave.

William Butler: William being a huge fan boy of slasher cinema, a huge Jason fan and being one of the only people who were killed by Leatherface, Freddy and Jason (as well as some Ghoulies and Night Of The Living Dead zombies) he'd certainly do a good job in that department. William has had a long career working with John Carl Buechler in special make-up effects, acting, producing, directing and writing- the guy is more than capable.

Adam Green: I will say it now- I did not like Hatchet at all, BUT I think Adam has the ability and vision to do a proper Friday The 13th movie. I think the most important ingredient for a good film is a director who has a sincere love for the genre and Adam is all that.

Eric Stanze: I think Eric is the misfit of the list being more of an exploitation director than anything else. With Eric's latest movie Deadwood Park you can see Carpenter-esque visions in his direction and quite frankly I think Carpenter's film Halloween is the most brilliantly directed slasher movie of all time. The Friday The 13th franchise can use some of that atmosphere.

Stevan Mena: A lot of people seem to shit on Stevan's film Malevolence calling it boring and run of the mill, but I loved it. It's pretty much the closest thing to a true 80's slasher film that we've had in a while. I know a lot of people call Adam Green's Hatchet "a return to 80's horror" and I couldn't disagree more. Hatchet screamed 1990's horror more than anything else.

Scott Goldberg: Scott has done many short films and seemed to have stepped away from the horror genre for more challenging films. I still think that he would knock a Friday The 13th film out of the freaking park. Scott's style of film making not only is atmospheric but always has a damn, cold and overcast look to it. Scott knows how to work a camera and has done pretty much everything film related from operating a steadycam to editing and scoring. I think that in 5-6 years Scott will be one of the best known indie directors around.

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