Monday, November 2, 2009

So, Ain't It Cool reviewed ANOES...

The review seems to be a bit on the fence and leaning more to the "it's alright for a remake" side of things. I will still maintain the same stance as I have taken from day one and that's the fact that I will go and see this and will keep an open mind. I am a huge fan of ANOES 1-3 and feel that those films are masterpieces compared to the rest of the Nightmare films which quickly plummet into Turdville with each sequel.

I can bet that no matter how great this film is/could have been, a good amount of the Robert Englund fanboys would never admit to liking it so it is pretty much doomed for that reason. Then we have the remake haters out there who refuse to buy a ticket to a remake because "remakes are all about money" or whatever. News Flash: all movies are about money and sequels are just as plagiaristic and exploitative of an original concept as a remake.

It's really sad that no matter how great Haley is in this film, it will be overshadowed by those two things. It reminds me a lot of Ken Kirzinger and how he was blasted for taking the role of Jason well before anyone had even seen Freddy Vs. Jason. The whole Kane Hodder alliance seemed to want to even boycott the film for that mere fact, never realizing that Kane was not given the job rather than Ken stealing the role from him.

Here's a tidbit from the review, and of course you can read it all at this link.

Nightmare is close to being a good film... you can tell Jackie Earle Haley is giving his all with the lines he is given. Kruger was never a Pinhead or Hannibal when it came to dialog, and I know they were going for a more serious slant this time, but he had a confidence that made you know you were fucked since he had you in his world and Haley works with what he is given. Haley's portrayal will no doubt be compared to Robert Englund's performance. In my eyes, Englund's was at times a dark presence of pure anger, at other times a bizarre caricature like an carnival barker or angry drunk and pervy uncle. Haley's portrayal seems to be no nonsense, to the point, smarmy, ugly, repulsive and just plain vile...

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