Thursday, August 27, 2009

Into The Pit: The Shocking Story Of workprint review.

I was not one of the lucky individuals to see this screened at the Fright Night Film Fest, so getting the workprint on DVD was the second best option. I figured I should grab this while it's available because there is no set date for the official DVD release and quite frankly I am not a fan of waiting for a DVD to come out only to be pushed back a few times.

At any rate, I heard a lot of fan reviews on this documentary and it seemed like every one of them were very positive. Some of the mild complaints that I heard was that Wes was not in the film as much as Aaron (known to us as The Creepy Kentuckian and Uncle Bill, respectively) and I really did not think that the air time, so to speak, was that much unbalanced. With all of the said footage removed and not used because of Fangoria's inability to take a couple hours out of their day to say something did not seem missed at all. One other thing that was noted was the length of the film- I had no problem with the length. There were a few segments that could have been removed without hurting the film, but at the same time the film was easy to watch as it is now.

For those who do not know what this documentary is about, to put it in easy terms it's more than just what Dead Pit is or is about-- it takes us through the lives of Wes and Aaron, their parents, friends, local neighbors, and activities that they enjoy. Wedged in between all of that we have fans' takes, convention shenanigans, celebrities like Lloyd Kaufman, Sharon and the late Clayton Hill, Kane Hodder, Betsy Palmer, Tiffany Shepis, Uwe Boll and more.

The documentary delves even deeper into the lives of Wes and Aaron with very candid interviews about things that you would never hear mentioned on Dead Pit-- religion and politics-- well, sorta. The great thing about this is we really get to know Aaron in a way. He speaks very in-depth about his schooling and where he wants his life to go in the future. We learn a lot of great things though; how Dead Pit got their infamous theme song, the legend of Hellord and exactly how Prestonsburg, KY actually looks.

I think what would have helped the film a bit more would have been some negative opinions by locals on Dead Pit. It's always nice to have that yin and yang in documentaries. In the end that's all that I was felt was missing.

I really have to say that this is a must for fans of the Dead Pit radio show, diehard horror fans and documentary lovers alike. It was a very easy watch for me and not only that, but it was really fun! Check out Dead Pit and Rusty Robot for updates on this film and a release date!

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