Monday, August 17, 2009

Friday The 13th behind the scenes photo of the week.

These photos come courtesy of the His Name Was Jason DVD. They are never before seen (before this time) photos of production of Friday The 13th Part II. For those of you who don't own that DVD (or have never seen it) these may be a real treat for you!

Here's Lauren-Marie Taylor with someone from the crew, apparently. Not exactly sure who the guy is- anyone know?

Tom Mcbride, Bill Randolph and Russell Todd just hanging out.

Looks like the sot for the window crash is being set up in this one with Amy Steele and John Furey.

A battered Amy Steele after having make-up applied to her face.

John Furey and Amy Steele.

Warrington Gillette undergoing make-up in preparation for his scene by the hands of Carl Fullerton.

Two photos of Bill Randolph and Marta Kober's death scene, which was all but removed from the end print of the movie.

Lauren-Marie Taylor and Tom McBride in character.

The (very) young and inexperienced Warrington Gillette before he was fired as Jason.

Looks like Amy is getting ready to shoot the jogging scene.

Lovely cast picture; Bill Randolph, unknown, Stuart Charno, Lauren-Marie Taylor and unknown. Anyone know who those two are? The extra campers? Looks like Ellen Lutter a bit.


  1. I love the pic of Tom Mcbride, Bill Randolph and Russell Todd hanging out. It's great to see these guys in natural behind the scenes photos being themselves. Nostalgic and fun!

  2. I believe those two are extra campers..i can remember the one with the vest at the dinner scene. If Part 2 was made today, all those extra campers would have been victims too. Bill Randolph in that pic kinda reminds me of Trent from the Friday remake