Sunday, March 15, 2009

Richard Brooker's "convention" mask: Real or Replica?

So, this topic seems to fire up a very hot debate, but I personally want to know something as a fan. Richard Brooker has been telling people that this mask is the mask used in Friday The 13th Part 3 and it's clearly not. The only surviving mask in Part 3 had the axe mark cut into the forehead and survived Part IV and made an appearance in Part V.

At the most recent Monster Mania a member of the Night Owl board met Richard and asked him about the mask. Richard told him it was the real deal, yet the mask had the Fright Stuff sticker and Crash Cunningham's signature as he was the one who painted it. So, for skeptics, there is absolutely no way this mask is the original. Aside from the fact that you can tell it's painted, and painted well, the mask has the Fright Stuff sticker and Crash's signature.

So, with that being said and this topic has been brought up to Ken Tarallo before so he knows that Richard is saying this. If Richard mistook Ken and thought this was indeed the screen used mask then that is very understandable. If that was the case Ken should have by now corrected Richard and told him that it is indeed a replica. That leaves only 2 other scenarios; Ken lied to Richard and told him that it was the screen used mask or Richard knows it is not and is lying to his fans. I personally won't say either way, but it's a bit disrepectful to fans to be lied to about it. Some of these fans are paying for a chance to touch the mask, take photographs with it and so on. So not cool, in my opinion.

I really shouldn't care, but it sort of bothers me that he a) thinks this is the real thing or b) is flat out lying to his fans.

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