Thursday, March 19, 2009

Crappy Horror Reviews Thursday: TheLast Slumber Party (1986)

It's the last day of school, and the "popular" girls are planning a slumber party. When the geek of the class, "Science", who is the brunt of the popular crowd's torture and jokes gets a whiff of it, he dons a surgeon's gear and plots a murder scheme for his revenge. Meanwhile at the same time, the local nut "Maniac Randals" has escaped from the mental ward dons his own surgeon's outfit and goes on his own murderous rampage and coincidentally ends up at the same house.

This movie, well I am at a loss for words. The movie was just so poorly written, directed, edited, acted and photographed that I could not help but laugh the entire 70 minute run time. Other than that, what does this movie have to offer? The killer "Maniac Randals" was not intimidating, no matter how much he made that "fake insane" face, it just came off as bad-- so bad it was almost funny. The kills were horrible, most of them were slashes to the neck with a surgical scalpel, and very poorly done (in some scenes you can tell the dull side was used for the cut, and even sometimes the actual wide side was used). The acting was "Z" rate, and that is even with giving them a few points. The plot, very bad. The first killer "Science" was dressed exactly like the "Maniac Randals" killer, in an attempt to set somebody up as a "Red Herring". It didn't work. The killer spent most of his day in the one girl's bedroom hiding, and so poorly that the people just walked by the guy without noticing. In some scenes it would have been impossible NOT to stumble over him, yet he was undetected. Finally, the movie was confusing. A dream in a dream in a dream, it lost me. The movie obviously had a lot of scenes removed from it, and some scenes were repeated a few times to make up for it.

I don't know what happened to this movie. The quality of the film goes from pretty good to F- in the matter of seconds. Some scenes are clear, others are dark with what appears to be 20th generation dubbed video. I am not sure if this film was just thrown together from a movie that was filmed and never edited and mixed, or what. Parts of the movie were missing which created GIANT plot holes. The scenes that were in place, were repeated many times. The killers "insane" look was repeated every time he killed somebody, that got old fast. The movie was only 72 minutes, and I am not sure if I could have handled an 85 minute version of this movie. Perhaps the fact that this thing is missing scenes is a blessing in disguise, I guess that is what you get when the same guy directs, writes and stars as the main killer. You get a homemade crap film that is nothing more than a fan film. Whoever edited this should retire. I have seen better editing in fan films.

This movie comes on DVD in a double feature with another turd "Terror At Tenkiller". Both movies are so fucking bad that it's impossible to stop watching. I really have to suggest this movie to people who love these types of movies- it's definitely an acquired taste.


  1. Guess I don't have to worry about adding that one to my queue!

  2. That poster reminds me of different variations of the Maniac Cop 2 poster.