Sunday, February 15, 2009

Extended Friday The 13th DVD details!


Wondering what scenes didn't make the theatrical cut of the new Friday the 13th? Yup, so were we. That's why we asked almost everyone we spoke with at today's Friday the 13th press junket in Los Angeles. We'll have a lot of great stuff for you in the days ahead from this junket, including video interviews with the stars. But for now, to get you salivating with anticipation for the not-so-distant future, here's what the cast and crew had to say about the scenes they shot that might find their way onto the film's DVD release.
Note: The following quotes contain spoilers. Check out some of our other Friday the 13th coverage if you haven't seen the film yet and want to be surprised!

We first asked director Marcus Nispel what could resurface in a director's cut. "I always like this Darth Vader moment when the mask comes off," he answered. "That happened in one of the sequels, to mixed reviews, and I felt there was a way of doing it that would have satisfied me, because I think you would see [Jason] in his humanity. That was something that was always interesting to me. It got addressed in a way -- I don't want to give away how we addressed it -- but maybe not to the extent I would have. The argument from both sides would be, 'Is a humanized Jason, a humanized Freddy less scary?' I would say it's more scary, because he's not just a mythological figure. He's reality-bound. He could be your neighbor, as he's sharpening his machete, or revving up his chainsaw in the garden. That's scary to me."
So, we asked, could there be a longer cut that shows a scene with this humanity?
"I think," Nispel said, "I would deal with that more should there ever be such a thing as a director's cut. But you listen to your audience, you learn from them. We had a particular ending in mind, and I think some fanboy at Comic-Con came up and said, ‘Whatever you guys do, don't you dare show him with his mask off!' And then everybody said, 'We gotta take the mask off!' I think to that extent the market research went."
Actress Danielle Panabaker, who plays the film's heroine, Jenna, mentioned a few specific moments that will debut on home video: "I was really surprised actually by how much they tailored to make this really succinct, scary story. Just different little stuff -- Jared [Padalecki]'s character and I run past Arlen [Escarpeta]'s dead body, we run past Willa [Ford]'s dead body, just different stuff that I'm sure the boys were saying would make it into a DVD cut. But in the theatrical it's not there."
The new Jason himself, a.k.a. actor Derek Mears, told us, "There's an extended Donnie death, where it's a little bit larger than what happened to him. We shot more of young Jason for the flashback -- there's a shot where you actually see his face and what he looks like. It's a beautiful shot -- it's raining and he's holding his mother's head and crying. There's puddles around him and the machete's laying there… that's another thing that was really, really great with [writers] Mark [Swift] and Damian [Shannon]. It's really subtle in the movie, but the actual machete that Jason carries is the same machete that was used to kill his mother, so there's that tie. A lot of people didn't pick that up, but I was like, 'Oh, that's so neat!' I've only seen it once, but I was so stuck on myself that I need to see it again and pick up what made it in and what didn't make it in."
We chatted with screenwriters Swift and Shannon about what they wrote that was shot but not included in the theatrical cut.
"Interestingly," says Swift, "there's a scene that didn't make it into the movie where Whitney escapes from Jason. She makes it all the way to the cabin. That was shot, but it made the movie a little long, so there were some pacing issues. That got cut."
"There was an alternate kill that was shot," says Shannon. "Willa Ford, when she's in the lake, and Jason's standing on the shore... Originally she is wading out there for hours, and finally she just drowns. They also shot the alternate, which you saw, which was her getting stabbed in the dock."
"They wound up kind of putting the two together," says Swift.
"The flashback," concludes Shannon. "The thing that you saw in the beginning of the film was actually a flashback that occurred somewhere in the middle, and they excised that and pared it down and put it in the beginning so as to catch up fans who were not really familiar with the series."

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