Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jason doesn't run!

So, quite frankly I am tired of this whole "Jason doesn't run!" bull shit. It all started in about 1987 when this guy named Kane Hodder came up with that awesome bit "trivia" completely disregarding the fact that Jason II, III and IV ran and Jason VI came damn close. I don't know- it is a pet peeve of mine to hear fans say that. Hell, some of the best Jasons ran and I consider Friday The 13th 1-V THE best in the franchise.

It's just been bothering me lately- I made a fan film and posted a scene online. The most common response I get is "Jason doesn't run!" and it makes me wonder what movies have these people watched? I personally find a villain that runs to be scarier as a walking person is not that threatening. Besides that, to make Jason able to catch up with his (would be) victims they have to now throw in some silly (and stupid) scenarios like the awesome "Jason walks, victim runs, Jason appears in front of victim" kill which is just so damn imaginative. On the other hand we have teleportation like in Jason Takes Manhattan where a victim runs up the stairs in the building as Jason casually walks, Jason somehow beats him up the stairs and throws him to his death. Is it just me or do other people find that stupid?

I am actually very anxious to see people's reaction to Friday The 13th 2009, where Jason will be running. Hopefully it will finally shut people up- JASON DOES INDEED RUN! It's just a shame that so many people have taken that notion and pretty much made it canon. I just feel that Jason is more of a force when he runs, when he puts fear into his victims and adds a lot of action to the scene. I find the walking Jason boring, generic, dull, stupid, pathetic and way too comic book-ish.


  1. You know what, you are %100 right my friend! Ive been preaching this every since the 1st trailer for the New Friday.

  2. Ditto! I can remember seeing part 8 in the theater when I was about 14, and just getting more and more pissed as the movie went on. It was as if the writer/director had confused the franchise with Elm Street. It was the EXACT same way Freddy chased down Tina in part one - run away from Freddy only to run into him - except that it worked in NOES because she was dreaming.

    Don't even get me started on the turdstorm that is "Jason Goes To Hell." It was the exact same premise as "Fallen" and "The First Power," but with Jason.