Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fan film review: Cold Heart Of Crystal Lake

Cold Heart Of Crystal Lake being a relatively short fan film at around 15 minutes, it's one of the more impressive ones that I have seen. Editor/Producer/Director Joe Patnaud's vision of a cold, snowy Crystal Lake woods really delivers in the atmosphere department giving us a Jason in an army jacket. I first thought it was silly, but then again Jason's jackets in Freddy vs. Jason and the upcoming remake look far worse.

The cast is pretty large for such a short film, we have hunters, campers and a group of teens in an S.U.V. that (shocker ahead) breaks down and strands them in the haunted Crystal Lake woods. One of the more memorable cast members is Jillian Swanson who was in Camp Daze, a great Friday The 13th clone as well as writer Timothy Whitfield (who also played Jason) who also penned Dark Woods, yet another Friday The 13th clone.

Some of the most memorable things of this fan film has to be the atmosphere. The cold, snowy feel really adds an element to the sage that no film or fan film has ever tackled. Most of the film takes place at night and very well shot. as well as great pacing, great editing, awesome kills and even a sex scene! All in all it's a worthwhile 15 minute visit into the world of Jason Voorhees.

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