Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dread Central: Who is Jason 2?

In case some people reading thinks I was full of shit with the "Who Is Warrington Gillette?" post, in a very ironic way, Dread Central posted something eerie similar- an interview with Steve Dash discussing the very thing that I posted about.

SC: Does it bother you that in the film’s credits they gave Warrington credit as Jason and not yourself and how did that end up happening?
SD: Well, what happened with that is when they hired me for the movie Steve Miner told me they had hired Warrington as Jason and Paramount wanted him to have that screen credit. The only credit they could give me was "Jason Stunt Double", however Miner did tell me that my name would be directly under his name in the screen credits, but as it turned out my credit is in the back of the film. So Steve Miner and Paramount were not totally honest with me. I agreed that it was okay as long as my name was next to his as "Jason Stunt Double" and that’s fine, but the fact of the matter is I’m an actor that has done over 35 movies over the years, soap operas, advertisements, commercials, plays; I’m a professional. I don’t sign things that are not mine. And I certainly don’t want people signing their name to my pictures.

Warrington came over and apologized to me last night, saying he had a skiing accident and had lost his memory.
SC: Did he really say that?
SD: Yes he did. He said he had a skiing accident and hit his head and lost his memory and can’t remember what he did on the movie.
SC: Are you buying that?
SD: I’m also a retired New York City cop, what do you think I just got off the banana boat? I mean come on; I can look in a guy’s face to know when he is lying to me.

Now, go read the rest!


  1. I can't believe we posted the same blog posting using the same article as reference. Crazy. I love your blog posting about Warrington Gillette. Spectacular!

  2. Yeah, it's sort of funny... I saved a lot of the debates on the GaG forum before Warrington's forum was deleted just in case and I found them so I decided to post them, lol